Rich Wilde and the Tome of Madness


Rich Wilde has returned! Everybody’s favourite hero is back for another adventure in the latest Play’n GO title, Rich Wilde and the Tome of Madness!

Follow our intrepid explorer as he embarks on an epic quest to unlock the secrets of the sinister Cult of Cthulhu. Join him in the hunt for ancient relics and artefacts as you try to reveal the mysterious occult forces at work, and search for the legendary Book of Madness.

Based on H.P. Lovecraft’s infamous fictional literary universe, the Cthulhu Mythos, this game is a 5×5 cascading grid slot, where you must match 4 or more symbols in clusters for a standard win. Each win contributes to the charge Portal which will unlock several great bonus features!

The game also has multiple Wilds to help unlock features and even more winnings. Firstly you have the Special Wild, the Book of Madness itself, the Necronomicon. This can replace all HP and LP symbols to help create winning clusters. Then, Rich Wilde himself is the Multiplier Wild which can replace all HP symbols and multiply your win amounts by two.

The third symbol is The Mega Wild which appears as part of the Other World bonus…but more on that later. First, let’s look at the Portal!


Each time you get a winning cluster on the grid during a game round, it will add power to the Portal’s charge, and if you get enough symbols to charge the portal, you’ll trigger different features.

If seven symbols charge the portal, two Special Wilds will replace two symbols at random on the grid. If 14 symbols charge the portal, two Special Wilds will replace two random symbols and, if they are part of a winning cluster, you will activate the Portal effect Abyss.

Abyss will remove all symbols in the Special Wild’s row or column, and those symbols will be used to charge the Portal.

If 27 symbols charge the portal, two Special Wilds will replace two random symbols on the grid and, if they form part of winning clusters, you will activate the Portal effect Void.

Void will randomly choose an HP or LP symbol and remove all of them from the grid, using them to charge the Portal.

Other World

Charging the grid with 42 winning symbols will unlock an inter-dimensional gate and trigger the Other World free round, which contains three different Portal effects!

For every three symbols collected above the 42 that trigger Other World, you’ll get an extra Portal effect added on, up to a maximum of seven Portal effects!

After each set of cascades in the round, a Portal effect will occur on the reels. Once you’ve gotten all the wins you can on a cascade, the next Portal effect will be triggered. This will continue until you’ve unleashed all of your Portal effects.

Mega Wild

During the Other World free round, you’ll notice 11 or 12 eye marks will be visible on the grid. If you form any winning clusters in an eye’s location, that eye will open. If you open all of the eyes, the Mega Wild Cthulhu symbol will be released! This will be added to the grid and continues to move down the grid with each cascade, helping you to create more wins before disappearing.

Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime with Rich Wilde!

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