Rally 4 Riches


It’s time for a game that’ll really rev your engine!! Introducing the fantastic brand new 3-reel slot from Play’n GO Rally 4 Riches!

Rally 4 Riches is a classic 3-reel slot which includes an exciting bonus reel and some slick special features! Plus, with an amazing real-time race bonus feature, it’s high-octane action from start to finish!

The game has nine standard in-game symbols, one Wild and three bonus reel symbols. The standard symbols are four classically designed rally cars along with four fruit symbols; grapes, cherries, watermelon and lemon.

The Wild is stacked three grid spaces high and can substitute for any of the other symbols on the main grid to create winning lines.

The bonus symbols will appear on the game’s bonus reel; the bonus reel sits to the right of the main grid and will spin alongside it, while the special bonus symbols can trigger bonus features within the game. The symbols are:

Multipliers – x2, x3, x4, x5 or x10 multipliers may appear and will multiply any of your wins on that spin.

Nudge Wild – If the Nudging Wild nudges a Wild fully onto the reel, there is a chance the Bonus Reel may re-spin and award you a multiplier.

Bonus Game – This will trigger The Race!

When the Bonus Game symbol lands on the Bons Reel, this will trigger The Race. The will instantly transport you to the Championship Race Bonus Game Board, and the race will begin!

The board is made up of 24 spaces, each one containing a different reward for you. Either a multiplier that multiplies your bet and awards you that value or a Nitro boost that moves you forward several spaces. You’ll move along the board while watching the real-time rally race sequence play out your race against the other cars. The gearstick in the real-time race sequence will determine how many spaces you move forward using a randomly generated number roll.

The number of spaces you move with each roll also determines your race position, pushing you up and down the leaderboard, and is represented during the race sequence too!

At the end of the race, your final position will determine your prize as well as awarding you your bonus game winnings:

4th Place: Winnings from the Bonus Game Board.

3rd Place: Free Spins with guaranteed Nudging Wilds on each spin.

2nd Place: Win Spins with guaranteed Nudging Wilds and guaranteed multiplier on each spin. A win Spin will guarantee at least one winning line per spin.

1st Place: Jackpot Bonus Game.


The Jackpot Bonus Game is a five-tier pyramid containing multiplier values, and up arrows in alternating squares, the final tier is a x1000 multiplier. The multiplier values increase as you move further up the tiers.

A light will move along the tier and randomly stop on any square. If it lands on a multiplier, the multiplier will be applied to your total bet staked, and the game ends. If it falls on an up arrow, you move to the next tier.

Once you move to the penultimate tier, if you land on a multiplier value, you can either collect the amount you’ve won or gamble for a chance to get the x1000 multiplier!

Race your way to a fortune in Rally 4 Riches!

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