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Ozzy Osbourne Slot™ has a classic feel with a modern twist. The game consists of 20 fixed pay lines locked into a timeless 5-reel, 3-row layout. It’s a medium variance slot filled with exciting features and eye-catching graphics.

This new branded title in the NetEnt Rocks family offers Re-Spins and Free Spins with the action-packed Symbol Charge Up. Before Re-Spins and each Free Spin, the Symbol Charge Up is activated and awards one or several features: Coin Win, Wild symbols, Multipliers or symbol Upgrade. Just like with Ozzy, you never know what you’re going to get.

Another big thing in Ozzy Osbourne Slot™ is the Bonus Bet. Activating the Bonus Bet boosts your chances of winning features, and also adds one extra Free Spin and increased Multipliers.

How to Play Ozzy Osbourne Slot
You can play 10 fixed bet lines at different bet levels and coin values. MAX BET plays the game at the highest bet level, and the current coin value. AUTOPLAY automatically plays the game for the selected number of rounds (alternatively, click the AUTO button).

Winning combinations and payouts are made according to the Paytable. Bet level is the number of coins bet per bet line. A bet line win in coins is equal to the value shown in the Paytable multiplied by the bet level. A bet line win in currency is equal to the win in coins multiplied by the coin value.

Ozzy Osbourne Slot™ is a medium-variance game, exciting and action-packed, appealing to every type of player. It comes with 1 -5 Default Bet Levels and 6 default coin value settings: (€) 0.01, 0.02, 0.05, 0.1, 0.2, 0.5. The Default Min / Max Bet is (€) 0.2 / 100. This gives you a lot of control over your bet, especially when you add the Bonus Bet functionality to the mix.

Return to Player is 96.30%-96.67% and Hit Frequency is 24.2%-25.5%. The frequency of Free Spins without bonus bet is 1/259 spins. The frequency of free spins with bonus bet activated is 1/140. All that guarantees a highly entertaining gaming experience!

Bonus Bet
In Ozzy Osbourne Slot™, activating the Bonus Bet costs the player 100% of their stake. So on minimum bet of 20 cents, it will go to 40 cents with the Bonus Bet on. But you get a lot for what you pay for!

The Bonus Bet delivers:

More Free Spins
Bigger Multipliers
Bigger chance of hitting the features
Bigger RTP
You want frequent hits with good wins… Bonus Bet gives you that. Chasing the big win? Bonus Bet helps in that respect too. In exchange for betting more, players get higher hit frequency into the features, higher max wins and increased RTP!

With Bonus Bet on in Free Spins, players will hit max voltage in the game and realise that higher RTP – this will appeal to the high-rolling heavy-hitting players!

2 Scatter symbols appearing on reels 1, 3 or 5 in the main game activate a Re-Spin. Re-Spins can deliver big wins as they are configured with various awesome features… more on this below.

Symbol Charge Up
There’s a number of great features the Symbol Charge Up can activate: Coin Win, Wild, Multiplier or Upgrade.

The Symbol Charge Up gets activated before the Re-Spin and each Free Spin.

In the Symbol Charge Up, the Symbol Spinner first defines the symbol, and then the Feature Spinner defines which feature should be applied to this symbol. Once that is done, stand back and prepare to be shocked!

Coin Win – every chosen symbol on the screen gives you a coin win
Symbol Multiplier – awards a multiplier boost to all winning combos with the chosen symbol.
Wild – the chosen symbol turns into a wild symbol
Upgrade – all instance of the chosen symbol will turn into the next higher value symbol in the hierarchy

Free Spins and Bonuses
3 Scatter symbols appearing on reels 1, 3 and 5 in the main game or a Scatter symbol appearing on the Feature Spinner in ReSpins activates Free Spins. When playing at base bet, 4 Free Spins are activated. When playing with Bonus Bet, 5 Free Spins are activated.

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Ozzy Osbourne finally has his own slot game – and let’s be honest here: no other provider fits the Ozzy brand better than NetEnt. With the many iconic slots we’ve released in the past which rocked the industry, slots like Guns N’ Roses Video Slots™, Jimi Hendrix online slot™, and Motorhead™ video slot , the Prince of Darkness is in good company. See all the characters that surround Ozzy by visiting our page of video slots.





Themes & Features:

Bonus Bet, Free Spins, Re-Spin, Symbol Charge Up

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