Magic Poker

Magic Poker can do real wonders with its marvellous special features – play the game and see how the magic works when your wins increase!

Fans of poker – and surely there are many of them – will certainly enjoy playing Magic Poker as well. It’s a variation of an all-time favourite card game that follows traditional rules but is additionally equipped with a marvellous twist to make the gameplay more exciting and increase your wins. Attractive animation with its vivid colours adds to the enjoyment and render this game eye-catching and enchanting. What’s more, graphics create unique magical atmosphere that differentiates Magic Poker from other video poker games. Waste no more time and place your bets!

As in classic poker game, you are dealt five cards and your aim is to form the best hand. You know what to do! Try to get Five of a Kind as it’s the highest paying hand in Magic Poker. Speaking of magic… This game offers you two fantastic bonuses that enhance your satisfaction. Bonus 3 table is presented in the top right corner and it’s activated when all the steps on the way to the bonus are switched on. This happens when subsequent combinations of 3 of a Kind occur. The panel of Bonus 4 is located in the top left corner. To trigger this bonus you need to draw an identical combination to the one presented on the panel. The combination changes each time. To make it easier for you, Bonus 4 may contain the Joker symbol. And to top it all, you can double each win with the gamble function. Place your bets!






Game Features:

3 of a Kind Bonus, 4 of a Kind Bonus

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