American Poker Gold

This time the popular card game comes straight from the land of freedom and opportunities – opportunities to win big!

In terms of design, this game is American to the core. The magnificent bald eagle appears above the paytable with stars hovering around it. In the background, you can see the American presidents’ faces carved into the Mount Rushmore as well as the American flag blowing in the wind. And to add to this unique atmosphere, the cards have the picture of Statue of Liberty on the back. Attractive and realistic graphics make sure your experience with American Poker Gold is unforgettable.

The rules of American Poker Gold are simple to ensure everyone can enjoy the game. There’s no dealer to play against, you’re just dealt 5 cards and the rest is up to you! The originality of this games comes from the fact that American Gold Poker uses separate decks of cards for each line. When you’re given cards that can form a winning hand, they get locked and you have one more round to complete the combination. But you’re not limited in any way as you have the freedom to replace the locked cards if you want to fix another ones. Winning hands are the same as in a traditional poker game with 5 of a Kind being the highest paying combination. To make your winning easier, the joker can substitute for other cards except for Ace in Royal Flush. What’s more, the gamble function enables you to increase your prizes as you can risk the win for a chance to double it.






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Game Features:

Up to 5 hands

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