Riddle Reels: a Case of Riches


Team up with the world’s greatest detective and solve the case of the century! In a case of wealth and reward will crime pay, or can you sleuth your way to a fortune?

Riddle Reels: A Case of Riches is a three-reel video slot based on the theme of one of fiction’s most celebrated characters, Sherlock Holmes. The game updates the classic UK pub fruit machine format and draws inspiration from traditional board game styles of play.

The main symbols of the game are based on prominent characters from Sherlock Holmes lore; Irene Adler, Charles Augustus Milverton, Eugenia Ronder and, of course, Professor Moriarty. The rest of the symbols are a gun, a knife, a wrench and a rope.

The game has three Wilds; a standard Wild, a x2 multiplier Wild and a x3 multiplier Wild. Each of these Wilds can substitute for any symbol (except the Scatter) to create winning lines, and the multiplier Wilds will increase any wins they make up. If more than one multiplier Wild forms part of a winning combination, then your win will be multiplied by the product of those two Wilds (i.e. a x2 and a x3 multiplier on one winning line give a x6 multiplier).

Your last symbol is the game’s Scatter which can unlock a whole host of game features!

This game has loads of action to keep you on the edge of your seat, and plenty of features for you to get excited about!


Landing 2 Scatters on any reel will trigger a re-spin. The reels containing your Scatters will be held, and the final reel will re-spin.

If a Scatter doesn’t land on the re-spin, you’ll trigger the “Mystery” feature. If a Scatter does land on the re-spin, you’ll trigger the “Case of Riches” bonus feature.


After a re-spin, if a third Scatter doesn’t land on the reels, you’ll trigger the Mystery feature, and the two Scatter symbols will duplicate on their respective reels. They will all then be transformed into another symbol and pay out any wins.


Trigger this feature by landing three Scatters across the reels during the base game, or as part of a re-spin.

Case of Riches is made up of five parts:


Starting the case

The board and the challenges

Solving the case

Second Chance wheel


The objective of the game is for you to collect the clues and solve a case alongside Sherlock Holmes!

Starting the Case

To solve the case, you must fill the clue points meter; you’ll get four moves in an attempt to do so.

At the start of each move, you’ll roll a die and Sherlock will make his way around the board, landing on different Free Spin Challenges.

The Board and the Challenges

The board displays around the reels and is made up of 14 squares, including the starting space. Each space consists of a challenge; the challenge will play out on the reels in the centre of the board and will often contain reel modifiers. Completing the challenge will award you Clue Points and fill the Clue Points Meter!

Solving the Case

After the four moves have finished, if you have collected enough Clue Points to solve the case, you will be awarded a Mega Spin.

Mega Spin

On the Mega Spin, the Mystery feature will be triggered on two reels and six identical symbols will be revealed on those reels. The third reel will be filled with Wilds, which might even be Multiplier wilds!

After the Mega Spin, the bonus feature will re-trigger, and you’ll be asked to solve another perplexing case.

Second Chance Wheel

After the four moves are completed, if you have not collected enough Clue Points to solve the case, you’ll be awarded the Clue Points Wheel instead.

The Clue Points Wheel will give you one extra attempt at solving the case by spinning a wheel. If the wheel stops in the win segment, you’ve solved the case! If not, then the case is lost, and the bonus feature will end.

The size of the win segment in the Clue Wheel will be directly affected by the number of Clue Points collected along the way. If you win the case through the Clue Points Wheel, you’ll get the chance to solve another case.

Are you up for the challenge? Collect the clues, put the pieces together and solve the mystery!

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