Lost Relics

Focus on the Game
I prefer to seek out the prospect of winning treasure from the comfort of my sofa. Jungles packed with Aztec gold are mosquito-ridden. Ancient Egyptian tombs filled with treasure are sweltering hot. No thank you. I’ll take a good old-fashioned NetEnt slot over all that drudgery any day. So for all you kindred spirits who, like me, are adventurous but comfort-loving, we give you Lost Relics™!

Lost Relics™ is a 5-reel, 5-row video slot with Cluster Pays™ mechanic featuring Coin Win, Extra Wild, Extra Scatter and Free Spins. So what’s the slot all about? Think archaeology, but not the kind you find in stuffy old museums that your grandparents used to drag you to. More like treasure hunters and grave robbers. So let’s get to it!

Features in the game are great. Cluster wins can reveal chests hidden behind the reels filled with Extra Free Spins, Sticky Wilds and Coin Wins. Intriguing, isn’t it? Let’s examine this fascinating feature-packed creation more closely, starting with the Coin Win feature. When the Coin Win feature is activated, one of the symbols in a winning combination awards a coin win of between 3 and 30 times the bet. The symbol awarding the coin is still a part of the winning cluster.

The second item of interest is the Extra Wild feature. When this is activated, three extra Wild symbols are awarded and randomly placed on the reels in the positions that are not part of the winning cluster and not occupied by Scatter or Wild symbols. When the Extra Scatter feature is activated, one of the symbols in a winning combination awards an extra Scatter symbol.

And finally, the proverbial cherry on every slot-cake: Free Spins! 3 Scatter symbols collected in the main game activate 10 Free Spins. Scatter symbols can appear anywhere on reels 1,3 and 5 in the main game (except Scatter symbols awarded by the Extra Scatter feature which appear in the winning clusters in the main game).

Graphics and Sound
The graphics are stunningly drawn, and beautifully crafted. Lower paying symbols are card suits, and higher paying symbols are shaped like historical artifacts: a spartan helmet and a dagger and sheath. The sound is reminiscent of Hollywood adventure stories. The stirring kind that rouses your spirits and makes you root for the main guy, or in this case, girl. Our heroine is an intrepid historian with a gleam in her eye and an appetite for gold and all things shiny.

We’re not done yet! It wouldn’t be an archaeological adventure slot unless there was a lot of hidden stuff waiting to be discovered. In Free Spins, a chest occupying a number of spaces is randomly hidden behind the reels. Spaces under the winning clusters become uncovered and may reveal the hidden chest. Uncovered spaces carry over to the next spin until the chest is fully uncovered. After a chest has been found, the uncovered spaces are reset and must be uncovered again, and a new chest is hidden in a random location.





Themes & Features:

Cluster Pays, Coin Win, Free Spins, Hidden Chest, Wild Substitutions

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