Diamond Vortex


Journey to the far reaches of outer space, where the Diamond Vortex waits to devour worlds and multiply riches!

Diamond Vortex is the newest exciting title from Play’n GO, with plenty of surprises and features to keep you on your toes; are you brave enough to face the Vortex?

Diamond Vortex is played on an innovative hexagonal shaped-grid made up of three Rings, with the Vortex in its centre. The power of the Vortex comes from landing Sticky Wilds on the grid and sucking them into the Vortex to power it’s multiplier!

The grid will fill with space crystals symbols and matching six or more identical crystals in a cluster gives you a base game win. Clusters can run in multiple directions, but each symbol must be fully touching at least one other.

Once you create a cluster, it disappears from the grid, and the Rings will spin the symbols into a new position before they cascade down and new symbols drop onto the grid, giving you the chance to make even more clusters!

Two other symbols also feature on the grid, your Wild and Bonus Symbols. Wilds will substitute for any space crystal to form clusters, and the Bonus symbol will activate Free Spins.

The first Wild is the Core Wild, which sits on the middle of the grid for the whole game. The second Wilds are the Wild Crystals, sticky Wilds which will land on the grid during spins Each tie a Wild Crystal is on the grid, and there is a winning cluster on the grid too, it will stick to the grid and, when the Rings rotate, the Wild will move one Ring closer to the centre.


Each time a Wild makes it all the way to the centre Ring, it will be sucked into the Core Wild, powering it up and increasing its power with a +1 multiplier. The multiplier will increase the payout of your wins until the spin is over.


Each of the three Rings that make up the grid has its own Zone and Spot. Zones are static and remain in place throughout the game. Spots will always stay in the same Ring but will move around as the Ring rotates, but will always return to their original position in the next spin.

If you land a Spot inside a Zone, you will trigger Transform, and every symbol in that Ring will transform into the same symbol. If you land all three Spots inside their Zones at the same time, it will transform all three Rings at the same time!

Free Spins

If you land a Bonus symbol inside a Zone, then you’ll unleash Free Spins! Each Bonus symbol that lands inside a Zone will award five free spins, so if you land all three at the same time, you’ll get 15 free spins!

During Free Spins the Core Wild will not reset between spins but will keep growing bigger and bigger until the spins are over. Spots won’t return to their original position between spins either; these two things combined can lead you to bigger wins and even more transformations!

You can also re-trigger Free Spins by landing a Bonus symbol in a Zone during the feature.

It’s time to discover the secrets riches that space holds in Diamond Vortex!

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