3-Hand Casino Hold’em


One deck, three hands, three times the fun! Introducing the latest great game from Play’n GO 3-Card Casino Hold’em!

3-Card Casino Hold’em is an exciting form of poker where you play three hands at once instead of one, giving you three chances to beat the Dealer!

Not only that, but having three hands played form one deck gives you a better idea of the odds of completing any of your three hands.

How does it work? You start by placing an Ante Bet on one, two or all of the Hands. You also have the chance to place an additional AA Bonus bet alongside the Ante Bet.

After placing the bets, two cards will be dealt face-up to you for each of the Active Hands as well as two cards face down to the Dealer.

Three community cards are then dealt face-up on the table. If these cards combine with any of your hands to form a pair of Aces or better, then the Dealer will immediately pay out your AA Bonus bet!

After the Community Cards are dealt, and you get any AA Bonuses paid out, you then decide whether to Call or Fold on each of your Hands. If you decide to Call then an Call Bet (equal to twice your Ante bet) will be placed for that hand.

After Calling or Folding for each of your active Hands, the Dealer will then deal the final two Community Cards face-up as well as revealing their own hidden cards.

For each of your active Hands, the best available 5-Card Poker Hand will be chosen using the 5-Community Cards and the 2 Card in each Hand. If any of your Hands are stronger than the Dealer’s Hand, then you win! If any of the Hands are weaker, then the Dealer wins.

If any of your Hands are equal to the Dealer’s, then it’s a Push, and your Ante and Call bets will be returned to you…that’s all there is to it!

So, what are you waiting for? Put on your best Poker face and play 3-Hand Casino Hold’em today!

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